CFC 2017 TalentLet the games begin!

Kirran Bakhshi - Special K

  • Competition: Dessert
  • Name: Kirran Bakhshi
  • Team or Restaurant: Special K
  • City: Calgary
  • Province: Alberta
  • Previous Competitions: CFC 2015, WFC 2015
  • What is your hometown?: Calgary
  • What is your favourite dish?: I love trying new food and my tastes and preferences change almost daily so I don't know that I can commit to an overall favourite dish, but if I had to, it would probably be a really solid Caesar salad, with kale, bacon, and a garlicky, anchovy-y dressin
  • What is your favourite ingredient?: I could no sooner choose a favourite star among the heavens - but top contenders would be bacon, sea salt, or maybe eggs. You can make anything with eggs.
  • Who or what is your culinary inspiration?: Emeril (of 'bam!' fame) really got me interested in food when I was younger, but my momma is my daily culinary inspiration: she can cook pretty much anything in about half the time it would take anyone else, and it's probably twice as tasty! #lifegoals
  • What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?: Chef's knife - I could conquer the world with this bad boy!