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Stephen Perrin - Substance Food Group

  • Competition: Steak
  • Name: Stephen Perrin
  • Team or Restaurant: Substance Food Group
  • City: Blue Mountains
  • Province: Ontario
  • Previous Competitions: World Food Championships 2015, 2016, Jack Daniels Invitational, Memphis in May, at least 8 pro KCBS Championships a year along with NEBS contests, several Black box competitions throughout the year sponsored by the LCBO
  • What is your hometown?: Blue Mountains, Ontario
  • What is your favourite dish?: Grilled Beef Tenderloin with seared grade A Foie Gras and Cognac Jus
  • What is your favourite ingredient?: Salt
  • Who or what is your culinary inspiration?: cooking has always been my passion, I've never done anything else. I get inspired by cultural cooking techniques and flavour profiles. Once I see or taste something that amazes me I need to understand it further. As for culinary inspirations profession
  • What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?: My knives