CFC 2017 TalentLet the games begin!

Carla Mendres - Carla Mendres

  • Competition: Sandwich
  • Name: Carla Mendres
  • Team or Restaurant: Carla Mendres
  • City: Winnipeg
  • Province: Manitoba
  • Previous Competitions: Just one! A chili contest and my fabulous charbroiled turkey and kale chili WON! I've got a few magazine recipe contest wins under my belt as well.
  • What is your hometown?: The beautiful and dynamic Winnipeg!
  • What is your favourite dish?: Anything West Indian! Any dish that is bold, bright with fresh herbs and features a sultry curry!
  • What is your favourite ingredient?: Proper bone stock, cooked overnight. The body a proper stock adds to dishes is incomparable and isn't negotiable with me! I have even taught entire classes on making a perfect stock!
  • Who or what is your culinary inspiration?: My inspiration always comes from my travels! I have gypsy blood coursing through my veins and live & breathe for travel adventures! I try as much local cuisine as possible and upon arrival home set to work recreating the amazing dishes I've had while away
  • What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?: My skilled hands? Just kidding. Though not really kidding, I do everything from scratch in the world's smallest kitchen that doesn't have any room for fancy equipment or tools. A properly honed knife is pretty much the most essential thing in my world!