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Wanita Voytechek - Skills Canada Alberta

  • Competition: Dessert
  • Name: Wanita Voytechek
  • Team or Restaurant: Skills Canada Alberta
  • City: Edmonton
  • Province: Alberta
  • Previous Competitions: CCF Edmonton High School Challenge, Skills Canada Regionals 2011, Skills Canada Provincals 2011, Skills Canada Princals 2013, Skills Canada Nationals 2013 Skills Canada Provincals 2014, Skills Canada Nationals 2014
  • What is your hometown?: Camrose
  • What is your favourite dish?: Dessert, New York Cheesecake with a Berry Compote with a Chocolate Garnish to finish it off
  • What is your favourite ingredient?: Chocolate
  • Who or what is your culinary inspiration?: Matthew Stinson, my High School Culinary Arts Teacher. Without him I won't be where I am today. He got me interested in baking and pushes me to challenge myself. He even encouraged me to open my own bake shop one day.
  • What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?: My pipping tips, they may be some but to put that finishing touch on a cake or a pettie four, it makes it look complete, and puts that extra touch of elegancy to your product.