CFC 2017 TalentLet the games begin!

Bill Alexander - Grey Eagle Hotel & Resort

  • Competition: Sandwich
  • Name: Bill Alexander
  • Team or Restaurant: Grey Eagle Hotel & Resort
  • City: Calgary
  • Province: Alberta
  • Previous Competitions: Corporate Competitions for various Hotels, Blind Food Box Competitions international travelling, Alberta Burgerfest, etc
  • What is your hometown?: Ottawa, Ontario
  • What is your favourite dish?: I have many favorite dishes but i would have to say one of my personal favorites is a stuffed chicken w/ five cheese spinach dip topped off with a romesco creams sauce
  • What is your favourite ingredient?: Passion ... the most powerful ingredient is great food
  • Who or what is your culinary inspiration?: My culinary inspiration is the delight on the faces of people eating the food. I love to adapt in order to not become a 1 trick pony. Farm to table and locally sourced food are things I truly believe in.
  • What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?: I would have to say My knives