Volunteer at CFC 2017!It's the place to be if you like food and competition wrapped up like a sushi roll!

Volunteer applications for CFC 2017 are now open!

Food Preparation: Obviously our competitors need supplies to create their culinary creations. That means measuring, dividing, packing and allocating the ingredients to make sure competitors are ready to go when the time starts ticking

Registration Desk: It’s getting serious. Competitors are swarming in, full of anticipation. You will welcome them with a big smile, and hand out the competitor packages, aprons etc.

Welcome Tent: What’s going on here? Where do I need to go? What time….? So many questions and you will have all the answers. Volunteers sign-in, patrons are curious, judges and competitors just arrived and you direct them to the right spot. Competitors will pick up their tasty ingredients to prepare their delicious foods.

Support Team: Ready – Steady - GO! As soon as competitors handed in their delicacies, you will jump into their territory and clean up the kitchen, as the next competitors are already waiting. Time is of the essence and good team work will make it all run smooth and on schedule. Everything, from signage to kitchen supply will look neat and sparkly for competitors, patrons and the TV cameras.

Table Captains: After having completed the EAT-Methodology scoring course a couple of days prior to the event, you will now be the one handing in those delicious creations to our judges. You will be knowledgeable about the dishes and ready to answer some of the questions judges may have.

A mandatory orientation will take place prior to the Championships.

We offer great benefits to our volunteers including shirts, Taste of Edmonton tickets, snacks, beverages and more.