CBBQS RulesNational standing rules for the Canadian BBQ Society

CBBQS Rules for BBQ

  1. The CBBQS will determine the national standings for Canadian BBQ teams. The national standing will tally all scores for all Canadian teams registered with the CBBQS who compete in sanctioned BBQ events, regardless of the location of the event, (invitation only events will be excluded) that happen between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017.
  2. On September 1, 2017, the CBBQS will determine the CFC with the top two Eastern Teams (Manitoba & East) and the top two Western Teams (Saskatchewan & West) based on accumulative scores from their top 4 events.* 
  3. Eastern / Western Teams will be determined by the province of residence of the Head Cook, not the events in which they compete.
  4. The Head cook of each winning team must have their primary residence and occupation in Canada.
  5. The CFC will provide these top 4 teams each with one $1,500 travel voucher, and free entry and qualification into the World Food Championships. These 4 teams will make up the Canadian delegation of BBQ teams, joining Team Canada (the winners of 7 other categories) at the World Food Championships.
  6. Travel Vouchers will be paid by cheque mailed to each participating team on October 15, 2017.
  7. CBBQS & CFC will advise winning teams that they must confirm their intent to compete by September 8, and that if they do not confirm their intent, Item #8 will come into play.
  8. If a team does not accept, Pass-down offers will be granted to the 5th overall team, then 6th, etc.  Each team will be granted 48 hours to accept or decline the invitation.
  9. The CFC and CBBQS will jointly announce the top 4 qualified teams through media releases and promotion. CBBQS will be responsible for contacting winners and determining their participation in the CFC.

* More detailed information about how the scores are calculated is available at cbbqs.ca